Onward to Japan…

It has been about three weeks since my last post.  Much has happened in the world of John Felix Arnold III.  Much Indeed…

For starters the beginning of an amazing series of features on my trip to Japan and then the subsequent SFMOMA Artist Gallery Windows Exhibition upon my return has been launched by Rachel Ralph over at Fecal Face…


Much thanks to Rachel and John for the love on my journey.  And so this leads me to where I am right at this moment.  I am sitting in the Virgin American terminal at SFO five minutes away from boarding my flight to LAX to then transfer to Singapore Airlines to begin my trek through my five weeks of spiritual exploration, art making, exploration, travel, and everything else that could possibly happen on this journey…I have butterflies of anticipation yet am wrapped by calm and a feeling of purpose and placement in the universe as I type this.  I feel as though my whole life has lead up to this trip and I am so proud and happy to be embarking on it.  I love all who are in this life, in the struggle, making things, and helping one another through this world together.  I will be with as much as possible on this journey, time to board, thank you for reading and I promise to bring you coverage of an amazing journey!


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