Thankful like a muthaF%$ka Mane!

Happy Day of Thanks Everyone! I hope everyone is doing something for others and enjoying some feasting and love.  Thank you to everyone who checks out Unstoppable Tomorrow and supports art in the USA, because we need your support more than ever these days! Big Ups!  _Felix


I Like the Part Where I Make Stuff and Think About Making New Stuff at the Same Time.

“Capiquarius : Untitled 2” : 5’x4′ : Mixed Media on Wood : Piece just finished in new Lake Merrit Studio : Oakland : CA : 2011

I was just about to post these images of new paintings for you to check out when I ran across a Warholian interview that was done before Past From the Blast this last March.   There was a question I had to answer, a pretty basic artist interview question that I definitely let loose on.  The question was “where do you find inspiration?”.  Well I have to say my views on “inspiration” in this article still hold true today, just the details and specifics have become a little more refined.  It was fun just reading this because it reminded me of how much sheer energy and determination I was feeling when I answered these from a coffee shop on the edge of China Town and North Beach.

I feel even more energy and determination now, but it is a more solid, fulfilled, and calm energy in a way.  It feels less frantic and more concentrated.  But yeah this quote has been true pretty much my whole life and continues to be today.  The work that is coming forward and evolving now is getting intense, I am having lucid visions and crazy insight in to different worlds while laying in bed or on the BART train lately.  I am starting to envision projects I could have never dreamed of in the past, having ideas and connections float through my mind that are making me breath deeper and raise the sky on what is possible, meditating and literally seeing/visualizing paintings, performances, costumes, hearing soundscapes I want to create, and tying it all together more coherently than ever before.  Understanding ways to visualize and actually create representations of these visions is becoming a reality.  The force of inspiration and determination feels amazing and warm flowing through me.  I’ll be updating you and explaining things every step of the way as we progress into 2012. Love-Felix

From Warholian Interview March 3rd 2011 –

“4). Where do you find inspiration?

Go out on Market street and watch the buses, the rail, the cars, the business people, the homeless, the bike messengers, the construction workers, the beautiful angsty and hip students, the cops, the criminals, the models, the agents, the professors, the motorcycles, newspapers with images of war on them: turn on the news and watch a war report, or a story about gun control: go somewhere warm on a rainy saturday night where people are together the shield themselves from whats outside and gather and be thankful to have a place to create a dialogue, and laugh and listen to music. Think of a couple making love all night long in their apartment, going at it, while outside a bus breaks down and a street performer plays her cello. If you were to leave a camera on these events with the lens open for sometime so all the movement swarmed together like an amoeba and instead of a snapshot of one moment you had a freeze frame of all of these man-made, human, and natural elements moving and working and fighting and fucking and loving and yelling and eating and dancing and laughing in a big swarming, creature, everything mixed together to create one interrelated energy. That is where I get my inspiration. That and making marks on a page has always been my forte.”

“Lady of the Lake : Sittin Pretty : Untitled 1” : 5’x4′ : Mixed Media on Wood : Piece just finished in new Lake Merrit Studio : Oakland : CA : 2011

Gestation : Size Undecided : Mixed Media : Still in Progress

On Like a Light!

I finished a painting the other night, I got a call from a very good person requesting a similar piece for a commission, I am stoked!  I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you right now.  Going to Queens Nails Tonight to finally make something happen over there.  Forward motion is in full effect!  Oh by the way, the model that posed for this piece is a truly amazing human being and I send out massive love and respect due to her!  Couldn’t have made this without her energy involved.-Felix

The Piece is yet un-named.  This is a detail of it.  Enjoy.

“In the Moment” @ The Luggage Store Gallery Nov. 5th was AWESOME!

On Nov. 5th 2011 a multitude of people from various backgrounds and walks of life descended together upon one of San Francisco’s, and the world’s, most important galleries of all time.  The Luggage Store has been around for over 25 years and has made a permanent mark on the international art scene and the world’s creative stage from its inception.  It has helped to get the careers and exposure lights running on many artists that I myself consider to be heroes and icons.  Artists that have made me believe in making art my life, have challenged my thoughts and views, have made me see in new ways, artists whose work ethics I am in sheer awe of, whose sense style and visual language enthrall, whose message through media have made me strive and work hard to become part of this amazing conversation that we as artists have with one another and the world for our entire lives, simply through what we love to make and do. Twist, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Mark Bradford, Thomas Campbell, Monica Canilao, Stella Lai, The Date Farmers, Christopher Burch, APEX, t.w.five, Kool Kid Kreyola, Os Gemeos, Cheryl Dunn, and many, many, many more were represented in this vibrant exhibition, benefit, and fundraiser to help the Luggage Store’s many arts programs and community involvements.  From the mobile projection unit to its curatorial residence, from the Tenderloin National Forest to its artist in residence, volunteer, intern, living wall, just to name a few, they continue to grow and give a voice and supportive environment to minds from all different spheres.

This place and the people who founded it, Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, have been a beacon of change, love, communication, and  positive energy in a wild and lawless part of one of America’s last creative hot beds, for legions of creative minds young and old whom hold it in the highest regard.  I had the pleasure and honor of helping them personally with the creation of “In the Moment” as the designer of their online invite and printed invite card, as well as running around the day of the show helping hang, catalogue, and be a general “get this done now” guy. I also had the honor of putting an 8ft painting from my latest series in the exhibition which honestly was a dream come true.  The work in the show speaks for itself and the exhibition really marks years upon years of dedication and creativity in the Bay Area and beyond.  I made some amazing new friends like Stella Lai, Mari Hashimoto, Yarrow Lazer-Smith, GiGi, Hashimi, and Marsea Goldberg.  I got to hang out with great old friends and fellow artists like Chistopher Burch, Ricardo Richey, Ara Jo, Chris Shaher, Daisy, and Kool Kid Kreyola.  We all talked and laughed and told stories and discussed new ideas and concepts about the future, bleu cheese, Basquiat, Sheepskin City, bagels, lovage, and huggage.   Finally I took some great photos that I share with you here!  It was a wonderful night and event and please check out the show before it comes down on the 26th, it is worth every moment you will spend there.  Thank you Darryl and Laurie for all you have done for the arts and those who make it their lives!  The Luggage Store, to infinity and beyond!

Tonight, Friday 11.11.11. Someshine Clothing Co. Group Art Show @ D-Structure : Lower Haight : SF

Hello everybody!!!!  Wanted to give a heads up about the cool little group show I am in tonight at D-Structure in the Lower Haight here in San Francisco.

Greg Moreno from Someshine Clothing Co. has put together a line up of Someshine T-Shirt designers and some added friends for a good time.  Come and hang out with us tonight, I will have some radddddd RIP ODB X Felix 3 X Someshine prints available for sale along with my mixed media pieces.

Here is the Lmtd Edition RIP ODB Print for sale at the show. They are $20. Please contact me at if you are interested.  They are going to be moving fast.-Felix

D-Structure is located at 520 Haight St, : SF, CA : 94117 : Opening from 8-11:30Pm

Big Weekend Coming UP

The new studio in Oakland is so AWESOME! Here is a low res photo of new work in the mix that I have just begun.  Capricorn With Aquarius Rising I think it shall be called.  I am all moved into the studio and locked in it to win it.  Old Crow Solo show in July, lots of group shows peppered throughout the year.  Things are rollin’ along!

In other news, this weekend is going to be amazing!!!  Friday night in Oakland is not only going to be Art Murmur, but also at Old Crow Tattoo there is going to be a group show featuring Megan Kimber and Lauren Napolitano from White Walls, it is going to be really, really sick and I highly recommend it.  They have been on a roll with great shows lately.

Saturday night I am in a huge group exhibition/auction to help benefit the Luggage Store and support their future programming and artist in residence programs!!!! This is as of now the biggest bill of heavy hitting artists I have ever been involved with, and will be featuring work from Barry McGee, Maya Hayuk, Os Gemeos, The Date Farmers, Christopher Burch, Ricardo Richey, Swoon, myself, and many, many more!!! Here is the web flyer and print flyer thank you card.  It is this  Saturday night Nov. 5th at the Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St. San Francisco.  Tickets for general public are $40 and special $150 VIP tickets are available for a collector preview and special performance by Devendra Banhart.  Here Are the Versions going to print for Thank You and Shout Out Postarcards…

See you there, it will be an epic experience and for a great cause.  Please come out and support the Arts int he Bay Area this weekend.-Felix