Leaving Tokyo, NRT to SFO!

This has been undoubtedly the most amazing trip and adventure of my life!  We rocked the art shows, the live performance at Shinjuku JAM and I was able to experience Japan on many levels for my first time.  This is a truly amazing place and I feel honored to have been helped even in the small capacity that I was able.  I will be planning on coming back as soon as I can to continue the dialogue that has been started with so many amazing people, places, things, and history here.  I sadly have to say that it is time to go to Narita Airport now, but here begins the opportunity to reflect and make art that communicates the process of building that has begun here in Japan.  I would especially like to thank Frankie and Emi for their amazing hospitality, Kyoko (and all of her Bar USA.gi Cru), Hori, Junko, and Isaac (North Carolina stand up!) and Ichy (Ichy’s Gallery) for making it all happen on the ground in Tokyo well before I arrived, Alani, Tracy, AKS, and Yoshi (the NY cru) for making Tokyo feel like home and showing me the most amazing time, Ken Minami, Chiaki, and Shinjuku JAM giving us the opportunity to rock out with a live performance (Ken’s band Ken South Rock will be back in the US soon as well, they are absolutely amazing),and of course the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) for taking us all around Kansai at light speed! Art for People Art for Japan!



Sunday Sept. 25th Art for People, Art for Japan Final Show in Tokyo!

We just got back from Osaka and Kyoto, and are exhausted from an amazing trip, but that is for another post!  Tomorrow night at Bar USAgi in Tokyo is the Final Installment of Art for People, Art for Japan!!!  The first show was awesome, the Live Performance with Ken Minami from Ken South Rock at Shinjuku JAM was a hit (photos coming soon), and this will be the amazing culmination of this beautiful trip to Japan, the dialogue that has been opened with those who have been a part of the process, and building to help children orphaned by the Tsunami/Earthquake disaster!  So yes, Sunday Sept. 25th Art for People, Art for Japan Final Show in Tokyo at Bar USAgi!!!  There will be Live Painting from the crew, DJs, Live Music, Mad Drinks, Great People, Dancing, and a Silent Auction so you can bid what you can on the artwork that you like and walk away with some beautiful original pieces of art from the Art for People Crew!  We are going hard on this one and all the proceeds will be going to Ashinaga!  So come and have a blast and know you are supporting an amazing cause and future generations of creativity.  See you there.  Here are the flyers!!!  Please download the flyers and forward them to anyone in the Tokyo area that would be interested, we want to make this a time to remember!!! Map and address are on the flyer.

Tonight Sept. 20th at Shinjuku JAM in Tokyo!

Tonight Ken Minami and myself will be doing a live painting performance at Shinjuku JAM in Tokyo.  I will be doing Live Painting while Ken (of the epic duo Ken South Rock) will be playing guitar, singing, doing jump kicks and rocking out!!! The show opens at 8pm and we perform around 8:40pm, so get there early and come kick it with us!  Proceeds from this will be going to Ashinaga to help children orphaned by the Tsunami!  This will be my first live painting performance piece with a musician so I am super excited!  Shinjuku JAM is located at 歌舞伎町2-3-23 セントラルビル1F・B1 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan 03-3232-8169

See you tonight…

Art for People Sept. 18 at Ichy’s Gallery in Tokyo!

I am very proud to say that the benefit show at Ichy’s Gallery on the 18th was a success.  We came together through the power and love of art as a unifier and raised a lot of money to give to Ashinaga to help children who have been orphaned or affected in the disaster.  This will help a whole new generation heal and build a creative voice and progress in to the future.  I am so psyched to have made this happen, and want to say a huge thank you to Kyoko and the owner of Ichy’s Gallery for really making this solidify and happen while I worked hard to get across the world to help.  Ton’s of people showed up, we ate, drank, danced, conversed, took tons of photos, and had a great time all for an amazing cause.  I met people from all over the world, Japan, London, L.A., France, NYC, Taiwan, Korea, Dominican Republic, it was crazy!  We made some amazing contacts and have begun to build a bigger network through “Art for People” to continue to help rebuild the place hit by the disaster and the psyche of those all over the world who were affected by such a loss.  Serious Bizness be happenin here! Here are photos of the event to recap.  Thanks to everyone involved to make this happen and everyone who come through to support, as well as all my people back home who have believed in me and encouraged me to go forward to make this a reality!

Alani’s photos and my paintings.

Entrance to the Gallery.

Photographer from NYC, Alani Cruz

Junko’s work was super rad!

Kyoko’s Piece, Beautiful and Serene!

My homie A.K.S. from Pratt, now living in Tokyo!

Kyoko Kawahata, looking beautiful as always.

Andrew from Seattle early in the evening.

Detail of one of Andrew’s mono prints.

More of Junko’s Work

The Gallery was on the third floor of a building of the Aoyama neighborhood.  Here is the view from the window, pretty impressive.

Fello wNorth Carolinian Issac Schulz.

Mikiko checkin out the work.

Yoshi Kogure in front of Isaac Schulz’s work.

The Art fro People Crew!  September 18th 2011 at Ichy’s Gallery

Video Installation piece.

Alani and Mikiko

Isaac Muggin

Me Myself and I

Tracy Jones


Andrew from Seattle

Yasutaka Hori

Yoshitaka Kogure

Kyoko Kawahata

Tracy Jones, NY2SF2Tokyo Microscopic Giant continues

And from here on out the Show got poppin!

The future.

Kyoko letting loose!

Yoshi and AKS

The Lovely Anna Ngo!

Frankie Gee and AKS

Manabu SWAN

Champagne time with Kyoko chan!

Tracy and Natsumi

Manabu, his brother Kei, and fashion model Aska

This is the Gallery Owner with two of Kyoko’s fine young friends.

Thanks again to everyone invovled, the night was awesome.  And then…

…we had the most amazing Okonamyaki I have ever had! True Talk!!!

This is the next thing I must learn how to do in life!  Japan is Awesome!  Thank you Japan for continuing to be awesome!

Ichy’s Gallery Tonight in Tokyo!!! Show #1 is On!

So tonight we open the first of the Art For People shows in Tokyo in Minami-Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo!  I am so happy it has all come together for an amazing cause and has brought together artists from Japan and the US to build a new born sense of creative community through our love of making art and our passion for life.  This marks my first show and first trip ever to Japan and it has been all that and more so far!  I am still in disbelief that I am here and it has all come together, but the reality is that is has and the show looks amazing!  Setting up last night was so much fun and we represented, white black asian American Japanese and all of our ancestries building a new foundation for future endeavors and a way to help a future generation of Japanese children to continue this creative expansion.  I saw and worked with friends from New York I hadn’t seen in years, reminisced, met new friends, one of whom randomly happens to be from North Carolina, it really was an amazing surprise.  Here are a few photos of the set and once again the flyer with information about tonights show.  It starts at 3pm and goes until about 9pm.  Arigato Gozaimasu!

Bringing the Past from the Blast and some newer paintings and some pin up figure drawings to Japan!  I AM IN A SHOW IN JAPAN! Rocking it!

Alani and Kyoko hanging Kyoko’s Work.

Yoshi’s piece!  TWNY 4 Life!

Isaac Schulz sitting under my painting.  This guy is actually from Asheville, North Carolina! Kackalack Represent!

Isaac’s work.  I will post again and explain the whole Kreayshawn piece, it has to do with some random twitter action and it is a pretty amazing story!

Alani unveiling his new photos.

Even Tekkamaki seemed to be in Tokyo in an art store.

See you tonight.  Time to go out into Tokyo again!


We arrived in Tokyo at 3:05 pm on September 14th.  The time space until now has been mind blowing, inspiring, complex, intense, surreal, and absolutely amazing.  Japan, more specifically Tokyo thus far, is all that and more than I ever imagined.  Let me rephrase, Tokyo is far more than I ever could have possibly imagined.  I cannot even begin to describe it here.  (That is what my random stream of life consciousness Tumblr http://felixthethirdrock.tumblr.com is for ).  What I can say is that everything for our art shows and the live performance at Shinjuku JAM is well on track and underway.  The gods of art, community, and purpose have smiled upon us and I have made it to a place in the physical as well as spiritual that before now had only existed for me in dreams.  Here are some photos to share with you of the amazing old school industrial paint store (very small spot) I found near Asakusa (the old Edo period center of Tokyo) where I found the majority of the supplies I will be using here, as well as food and some other random images.  Updates of my fellow artists and the Live PA I am doing with Ken from Ken South Rock will be coming tomorrow and Sunday into our first show at Ichy’s Gallery on the 18th.  Arigato Gozaimasu! Matane’!

This paint is amazing, and was suprisingly cheap.  Live Painting Shinjuku JAM here we come!

Art Supplies for the Live Show purchased so far!  This store was seriously awesome and the older man that owned it was incredibly fun to try to converse with.  We both spoke mostly with random words and hand motions, but we totally understood each other and were able to fully joke around and get excited about paint colors and quality and price etc… Was a really cool experience.

I want this, I want to own this and hang it outside on the exterior of my new apartment building.

Food is art!  In Japan this is an understand. Master of Soba!

Someshine clothing now in Tokyo!!! Watch for my T-Shirts coming out from Someshine very soon! TWNY

Ken from Ken South Rock, strolling through the back streets of Shinjuku!  A true rock hero!

Australians Americans Bay Areans Japan Dark Matter and the Wizard of Sixth Street

The Australian show at 941 Geary on Saturday night was pretty rad…here are some photos…

Dave Falice and Eleni throwing back some brews!  Dave set up my panels for The City We Love last month and they were definitely on point.

I really want to know who this older fellow drinking a fine craft brewed can of olde english 800 is.


This piece is quite complex, in person it is magnifique!

Mad Vibrations, Dabs and Myla.

Jen and Yeah Yeah unwinding.

Justin and co.

I can hear what she’s hearing, ya hear me?

Ohhhhhh, now I hear what your saying.

Marc surface for the night, with a giant skull behind him.

Lyrica from Patron of the Arts and Warholian.  Was a good show.

I went back to 1 A.M. Gallery to get some work that I had in storage there and took some camera phone photos of the wall that Chris Burch and I painted for the Dark Matter!  Mad Flavor;)!

Yes, it’s true that is the Wizard of Sixth Street as explained to me while I was painting it by one of the Sixth Street native drug shamans.

I’m still amazed that the now super outdated Apple Iphone 3G that I have takes photos this good.

I’m kind of bummed that this piece is going to be gone when I get back form Japan but that just means on to the next one.

And on the subject of going to Japan, here is the original flyer for the art shows, I’ll be posting info on the performance show at Shinjuku JAM once I get to Japan.  More updates coming as I pack and get everything sorted for tomorrow though, cheers ciao later alligators.

Countdown to Japan.

So after months of organizing, making progress, people flaking, people coming through, bouncing ideas off of each other from here to Japan and back, creating a beautiful dialogue of awareness, contacting people all over the world, praying, and just plain persistence and stick to it ness, I am off to Japan with three amazing art show opportunities to help with the earthquake/tsunami aid.  Tomorrow is a full day of packing, organizing, errands, emails, more packing, and planning before I leave Tuesday morning for Tokyo.  This is going to be a life changing journey and I am so stoked and grateful that it is happening.  I am even more stoked that I get to go lend a hand and spread collaboration and my creativity with like minded people in completely different country, all of us working towards one goal of helping those that were impacted by this huge natural disaster. More to come, with more of a mission statement and details, but for now here are some photos of the pregame.  One Love Here We Come Tokyo!

I am bringing a series catalogue of past works…

Communication devices.

Babylon Falling Throwback Going to The Country that Inspired it.  Full Circle.

Kenichi from Ken South Rock and I are going to be wearing these masks during our live performance at Shinjuku JAM on September 20th!  I am so incredibly in a state of disbelief that all of this is happening still!!!!  More updates tomorrow and beyond…