Dark Matter Friday August 19th-September 18th @ 1 A.M.

The Opening for Dark Matter  on Friday was great.  Here is a photo rundown… Thanks again to Valerie Leavy for curating the show and 1 AM gallery for hosting it.  It had been since Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1 since I had shown with Chris Burch and it is always an honor to work with him.  Thanks to Stan for coming out from St. Louis, C3 for being a part of it, Casey’s pieces were rad, all in all the whole show is a killer. Painting the outside wall with Chris Burch was definitely the most fun I have had collaborating on visual work since we did the installation at Old Crow for Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1.  If you missed the opening please check it out before it goes down Sept. 18th.-Felix

C3 and Vanessa Dupree chopping it up.David Choong Lee always has some good advice and brings some positive energy with him.

Two Burches and an Arnold.

Stan Chisolm and Co.
These guys, who let them into the opening.
Last shot before I left for the night to go get some food and hit the hay.  D Young V cracking a smile.  Was a good show.  The past week from 941 Geary to 1 A.M. has been a beautiful, exhausting, honor and I am quite happy.  Time to get back to the Drawing Board.

Tonight at 1 A.M. Gallery, Dark Matter

Tonight, Friday August 19th is going to be awesome.  We have locals myself, Chris Burch, C3, Casey Cripe and Jade Palasek, and Stan Chisolm flew in from L.A. a couple of days ago by way of St. Louis.  The set up is looking awesome.  Be there tonight at 1 A.M. Gallery, 1000 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103.  The corner of 6th and Howard.  The reception goes from 6:30-10pm, and below is a link to a web post with the press release and more information, click on the photo below.  The show runs from August 19th-September 18th.

This Installation is called “Through the Years”.  It is comprised of boxes built with all found wood and debris, painted and drawn on and the photos are from the time around the 2003 black out in New York City, all taken with a Sony DSC 075 digital camera and printed on a home printer put into all found frames.

Valerie Leavy Getting Things Done.

Stan the Man Chisolm

I am stoked to get a chance to show these big drawings from Unstoppable Tomorrow and Past From the Blast in a new, really nice venue.

As per usual Chris Burch is absolutely killing it!

See You Tonight 6;30-10pm

Today is Sunday August Fourteenth Twothousand and Eleven.


The City We Love at 941 Geary was off the chain.  Apex and Justin Giarla really built up a great show of local SF talent and the press has been awesome.  It has appeared on the Huffington Post, Juxtapoz website, 7×7, was in the SF Chronicle, SF Weekly and more.  It even has made it to the Kron 4 news, and apparently they interviewed D Young V and I am praying that they show him on TV.  I was so honored to be a part of this show and it was a great step for me and accomplishment to unveil the big 8’x4′ mixed media paintings on panels for the first time.  Going hard non stop.  It was awesome hanging out with Chad, and Hugh, Dave and Apex, Chor, Justin, Teen Witch, and all of the staff at 941 Geary.  The gallery is such a beautiful temple for artwork and a great place to show these large works.  It has been a great year, and Japan is coming up fast!  Stay Tuned, Dark Matter is up next, then its time to go overseas!  Hope everyone out there is well and working hard.  -Felix


“The City We Love” at 941 Geary this Saturday.

The group has formed like Voltron and APEX seems to be the head hahaha.  APEX and Justin Giarla have put together an amazing showing of SF talent, and I am very very proud to part of this show.  I can definitely say that I went hard for this one, big, detailed, dark, yet hopeful, colorful, and still retaining that super tripped out black line work I am known for.  Everyone’s work in the show is absolutely killer, Apex is unveiling a some new stuff that will blow your mind outta gasket, literally, it is sick!!!  Here are some photos of the  set up for show and a link to the 941 Geary site for the press release specific info.  Hope to see you all there and let’s rock and roll.  Dark Matter is next weekend! Bam Bam choppin it up like sushi, ie going to Japan soon, nevermind;)-Much Love -Felix

click on the image below to view the press release and info

Chor checkin it out.

I definitely like to think that I went pretty hard on this series, you be the judge…

Justin and Chor talking shop.

My pieces are right next to Chor Boogie’s. Honored!

Chad Hasegawa strollin by one of the sickest APEX pieces I have ever seen!

APEX gives a big thumbs up!

Lauren taking care of business as always.

Chad steady mobbin, and on the others side of my work is D Young V, damn I am in between some serious business, big ups to D Young V and Chad, Chad’s pieces are super sick.

See you there!!!