Awesome Piece for a Start Up and New Video Appearance.

Real Qwiki, haha, I have an really awesome in the works that has been comissioned by a new start up downtown.  I am really psyched and will begin work this weekend so be sure to stay tuned, I will be posting photos of the process and stages as it goes.  This is gonna be a big painting, a beautiful epic one!!!  I am very excited and grateful to doing this.

On a side note, while I was working on the “Unstoppable Tomorrow” show, Dr. Sex and Silhouette were painting a truck that, I won’t even go into how I had to transport this fucking truck from Berkeley to Old Crow, but lets just say a truck that needed some work.  They used this awesome new ink called Witches Brew, and called me into the mix to add some Felix Flavor to it.  The video piece is rad so check it out here, you’ll even see me driving the truck off into the mist, hahaha…

WitchesBrew from John Murillo on Vimeo.


And don’t Forget Rise Japan on Saturday!


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