Finished Comission.

Check out these step by step photos of a six by four comission I just finished.  It’s pretty crazy, I’m quite happy with the turnout.  I would love some feedback.  Thanks.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day! Also check out the link to Kid Codec, he’s a homie from Brooklyn and my friend Taras Hrabowsky did the Video animation for the Biochips video.

On to the next one!

Stage One

Stage Two


Here is the link to the Kid Codec Video.


So it’s good to back…things are comin up!

So the show in NYC was rad, Ken did an AMAZZZZIIINNGGG job with it!  Big ups to Spoke Art!  Was a Blast from the Past.  Saw a lot of homies, especially friends I haven’t seen in a long time that I didn’t get to kick it with last time I was in the NY.  Had some good meetings at some galleries and art spaces, lined up some really cool future installation joints.  All I can say is that the trip back was hellish!  Canceled flight, stand by, layovers, unnngghhhh.  I got back to SF a day late, and with a very sore throat and horrible cough.  It’s great to be back at work, and back on the painting grind straight up.  I get to meet a cat in my neighborhood tomorrow wants some mural work done, and I get to really get crackin on the painting for Qwiki.  Also Dark Matter is coming up August 20th so i will posting images that leed up to that. I don’t have a ton of flics from my NYC festivus, but I will soon be posting the ones that I did get.  Here are some randoms I found a while ago in my computer banks for the time being…

First album cover I ever made, for Def Jux records circa 2004.

I ran into El-P at the airport too, was rad to conversate with El in this day and age.

Chapelle Block Party, right down the street from my old house in the Stuy.

AK-47 Time.

WW II era pistols

My Old Painting Shoes.

One of my favorite drawings of one of my favorite peoplesss.

Super Sexy, and on that note, next time I’ll post some NY photos, till then…

Awesome Piece for a Start Up and New Video Appearance.

Real Qwiki, haha, I have an really awesome in the works that has been comissioned by a new start up downtown.  I am really psyched and will begin work this weekend so be sure to stay tuned, I will be posting photos of the process and stages as it goes.  This is gonna be a big painting, a beautiful epic one!!!  I am very excited and grateful to doing this.

On a side note, while I was working on the “Unstoppable Tomorrow” show, Dr. Sex and Silhouette were painting a truck that, I won’t even go into how I had to transport this fucking truck from Berkeley to Old Crow, but lets just say a truck that needed some work.  They used this awesome new ink called Witches Brew, and called me into the mix to add some Felix Flavor to it.  The video piece is rad so check it out here, you’ll even see me driving the truck off into the mist, hahaha…

WitchesBrew from John Murillo on Vimeo.


And don’t Forget Rise Japan on Saturday!