Past From the Blast was everything I had ever hoped for!!!  It came together like a swiss watch in the end.  Everyone that came through made it happen and I am so thankful that what I built and the art I made could inspire a band that I love to make an amazing show that brought hundreds of people together to all give thanks to the fact that we are all here right now together making it happen!  I am exhausted and incredibly happy right now!  Stand Tall II  is tonight in Oakland and we have one more big show from Japanther, and then it is time to take a breather and get to work on Dark Matter for Aug 20th!  I love you all, and everyone who brought the ruckus last night has my blessings and I am thankful for you sharing this experience with me. And the Installation was Steadfast and held the weight of 200 raging postive people having a blast!  thanks again everyone!-Felix


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