Rise Japan April 2nd 2011! Be There!

So The Heist Gallery in conjunction with Kokoro Studio in the TL is doing this huge fundraiser for Japan on April 2nd!  Insane list of artists represented and amazing amount of donations for the cause.  I have prints for sale and all the proceeds are going directly to help the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake.

Here is more info…

Also I just finished a little fun piece for the Quentin vs Coen Show put on by Spoke Art and Ken Harman in NYC…and best beleive I will be back out there for the opening!

See you at the fundraiser this weekend and then in NYC next week!-Felix



Things coming up fast!

So the benefit for Japan is going on April 2nd, I’ll post the flyer in the next couple days.  Should be a really good time for a really good cause.
Life has been pretty crazy lately.  Trying to hang in there and get this new comission for Qwiki off and running.  As well as get ready for new york on April 7th.

Be back soon…-Felix

Raise Money For Japan! Please Help!

So I have a number of editioned prints left from Past From the Blast.  They are silver ink a really nice card stock, black or brown stock, 15″x22″, I am selling them for $30 and 50% of each print will be given to Rise Japan to aid in relief efforts.  Please contact me through my site (contact info is in contact page) and we can set up a payment method, I do take paypal, checks, money orders, or I can meet you if in SF or Oakland and arrange for cash on meeting and give you the print.  This is really important!  We really need to help the people of Japan to come back from this devastating tragedy.  Below are images of the Prints.

Please Act Fast…

Thank You For All of Your Support!

-John Felix Arnold III

PRESS!!! Warholian Article, Photos by Chris McCreary, Impose Magazine Article, and Visionary Artistry Article Links!

Warholian ran an awesome piece on my current body of work, Past From the Blast , and eveng coloring myself purple when I was four.  Their show Warhol Re Imagined at Gallery One was awesome and I will be posting press on that show soon!

Chris Stopped by and took some really nice photos of the show.  Here is a link to the facebook page where they are posted.  Check friend me if you need to so that you can see the rest.

Also here is a link to to the Impose Magazine interview about my current work and influences.

And here is a link to my article on the Visionary Artisty website.


So Here is the Run Down from Past From the Blast! We Went Hard!

Past From the Blast 8’x4′ Sumi Ink on Paper Sold

D Young V 30″x22″ Mixed Media on Paper 600

Bumpy Ride 8’x4′ Sumi Ink on Paper 2000

Story Time 30″x22″ Mixed Media on Paper 600

The Details 8’x4′ Sumi Ink on Paper 2000

Patrol 30″x22″ Mixed Media on Paper 600

Swooped Down Upon 30″x22″ Mixed Media on Paper 600

Walking in the New 30″x22″ Mixed Media on Paper 600

RIP Installation Piece NFS

The News Installation Piece 600

Glocko Zappo Installation Piece 500

Get Em’ With the Jesus Piece Installation Piece 1000

When the Clock Stopped Installation Piece 300 and RIP Installation Piece NFS

When the Clock Stopped Installation Piece 300

Shelter  Full Room Installation  Contact for felixthethird@gmail.com for sales inquiries.

The Altar/Performance Installation went there!

Now For Photos of the opening night!  Thank you to everyone that came through and made this a reality, the list it too long to write here but I will say big ups to NYC, Japanther, the Whole Bay Area TWNY 57 and NC FHBWMC

Reilly was chillin!

Shaun Roberts was there taking flics.

Eric from Great Willow Setting Up.

Big thanks to cal from Kitsch for making this whole thing happen!


We from NYC and we Kill!

Andrea rolled through.

The Most Beautiful Family in the World!  Ellul Fam Forever!  Much Love!

And then it began!

Marc Christophe was in the building. RTS

Black Jeans!

Dana Kipp


Charlie Chase and Co.!

P P Collective was in the place!

Felice was Wilin!  War paint status!

Beautiful Women make any show go off right!  Big Ups to this cru.

None of this could have ever happened without Anna, Amy, and Brendan!  Thank you All!

And a big thank you to Robin for all of her help with the show!

Yours truly opening the show.

Reilly Channeling Bruce Springstein!

The Illest of all time showed up.

And they went hard!

Eat Pussy For Life!

Yeah, it was deep!

This kids name is Anthony! He is the man! His family brought him out to the show and he was fun as hell to rock out with!


And then…

They played one last song!

And David Young V …

Had a fucking Blast!!!! at Past From the Blast!

See You Soon!-John Felix Arnold III

Past From the Blast was !ncredible!

Thank you to everyone that was involved with Past From the Blast!  We went hard and the response was epic!  Here are the photos, I’ll be back with a verbal rundown this week, but for now here are images, I am exhausted and its time for some yakitori! Much Love Represent Zent!

The show was awesome.  More Photos coming soon!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen East South North West!


Past From the Blast was everything I had ever hoped for!!!  It came together like a swiss watch in the end.  Everyone that came through made it happen and I am so thankful that what I built and the art I made could inspire a band that I love to make an amazing show that brought hundreds of people together to all give thanks to the fact that we are all here right now together making it happen!  I am exhausted and incredibly happy right now!  Stand Tall II  is tonight in Oakland and we have one more big show from Japanther, and then it is time to take a breather and get to work on Dark Matter for Aug 20th!  I love you all, and everyone who brought the ruckus last night has my blessings and I am thankful for you sharing this experience with me. And the Installation was Steadfast and held the weight of 200 raging postive people having a blast!  thanks again everyone!-Felix

Tomorrow 03/03/2011 Past From the Blast Is On! Here Are Some Photos of the Set Up For You All!

It has been awesome doing this in this space.  I was very fortunate that the people of the Kitsch Space, all of them very cool, attractive, young, good spirited peeps, (they seem to have the quintessential artist loft/work live/ performance/ cool spot, truly an almost dead breed here in SF) took in this project and have given me the room and go ahead to do this since Queens Nails lost its mojo for a bit.  The transport was almost painless, almost.  The construction has been very easy, especially with the help of some really good friends popping up out of the woodwork to lend a hand.  Dave Young and I even were able to create our piece for Stand Tall II at Old Crow for Friday night amidst this chaos and go install it today!  It has been a truly productive, exhausting, nerve racking, and satisfying few days that has really helped to gain some new found piece of mind.  So with out further adieu here are photos of the process so far!  See you all tomorrow!

Also my roommate Tracy Jones who puts on Microscopic Giant at Old Crow is leaving for Japan to get married tomorrow!  May he travel safely!

Last Piece to come off of the Wall.

Install In Progress

Moving the Newspaper Boxes into Position.

Moving Boxes.

Cool Panel Detail.

Gathering my troops.

Putting in the hours.

Before Stage

And We have Stage.  Dave from Kitsch tests it out.

PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR Facebook gmail PR PR

Cool View of the Space Under Construction.

Altar One/

Altar Detail/1

Then It was off to Old Crow to Install for Stand Tall II

Stand Tall is going to be amazing!

Then Back to Past From the Blast for the Finishes on the show.

Yes Indeed we have arrived!

Dave Young was a trooper helping hang the whole show! Watch out for him July at White Walls.

I am really proud of this final large piece, no name yet, but I am feeling it.

Definitely have been getting a lot of miles out of this sign.

Swooped Down Upon, Mixed Media on Paper 22″x30″

And Away we go!!! This show is Going to be awesome.  I want to thank Japanther, Ninjasonik, D Young V, Tracy Jones, Kitsch, A&O PR, Lainya, Anna Ngo, Robin Castel Navarro, 57, TWNY, Old Crow, Steve Alcairo, Marc Christophe, Maggie Rogers, Diane Hiura, all my NYC and NC peoples, and Eric from Great Willow.  You guys rock, see you tomorrow night!-Felix