This Saturday, Oct.30th, “Bad Dads” at Lopo Gallery curated by Ken Harman!

Please feel free to Upload this flyer and send it to friends, see you on Saturday!


It’s Coming..Dec 4th!!! We Out Here, the Storms a Brewin!

That’s right.  December 4th is coming up fast!   Chris Burch, Dave Young, and I are in the final stretch of finishing paintings, getting the installation finalized, recording sounds, and grinding away for “Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1” at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery.  I’ll keep you posted, here is the flyer for now…

Horizon to Horizon

Not-A-War, 8'x4', Sumi Ink on Paper

Here are a few pieces I feel like posting to end my night of updates.   The first is Not-A-War for “Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1”, I am really stoked on this piece so I had to re-post it.  The second is a graphic that I made to print a series of T-Shrits to send to a Showcase in Puerto Rico, which opened on Oct. 12th in San Juan.  The others, including the D Young V collabo pieces, are also for “Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1”  in December.

Unparalleled 50"x50" Sumi Ink on Paper

For Generations to Come collabo with D Young V

This Saturday (Oct. 16th) at Space Gallery in the Tenderloin, SF, is going to be a show I am in called “Truisms”, a tribute to Jenny Holzer. The show is curated by Joanie Martinez and will be rad. Video Trailer is by Warholian.

The final pictures are from a Spoken Word and Live Painting Event hosted by Tracy Jones at Space Gallery on Oct.5th.  I had a blast at this event and the painting I produced was a lot of fun to create.  I hadn’t done the live painting thing before and I hadn’t worke this style in a while, so it was fun getting back to my roots and bringing it into the here and now.

John Felix Arnold III, 12:23 am, October 15th, 2010

Babylon Falling Interview 2007

I had a solo show at Babylon Falling that was written up in the Guardian and the Chronicle, and here is a video and interview/studio visit that led up to the show.  This is my first ever studio visit and video interview that took place for my show at Babylon Falling in December, 2007.  It was shot and recorded in my old studio at 22nd and 3rd in the Dog Patch, San Francisco.  The photos were shot by amazing photographer and documentarian Shaun Roberts, and the interview was conducted by the owner of Babylon Falling, Sean Stewart.  Babylon Falling was an amazing Place!!! We all miss it!

Studio Visit — John Felix Arnold III from Shaun Roberts on Vimeo.

Babylon Falling Presents
John Felix Arnold III

#03 In the Studio Visit Series

Best of the Bay 2010, “A Decade With No Name” Video Pieces.

These two video pieces were done by Warholian for the East Bay Express’ Best of the Bay 2010 art show, “A Decade With No Name”, where I had work up with Skinner, Alex Pardee, Amanda Lopez, Aaron Nagel, Eddie Colla, and many, many more… The first video was the trailer for the show , the second where I talk with my hands considerably is from the opening night. It was an awesome show, big up to the East Bay Express, Ken Harman, and Joanie Martinez for putting it together. Enjoy.

Blast from the Past, Babylon Falling Closing Show “The End is Near” June 2008

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that was also true for Babylon Falling in 2008.  Here are the pieces I exhibited at the last show at what was the raddest book store/ art gallery/ toy store/ and establishment of all time.  Fortunately everyone I was in the mix with there, David Choong Lee to Emory Douglas to Robert Bowen to David Young V, still keeps in touch and works together, and all left with a wonderful feeling of new community established.  Thanks again Sean for your hard work dedication to art and dialogue.

Photos from Astroknots 3: The World of Future Antiquity @ Old Crow 2009

This was last years installment in the Future Antiquity Saga. I have also created a new page dedicated to this series in its entirety. Here are a few photos to lead you in. Thanks again to Sandra Garcia for the photos, Bill McRight, Ara Jo, Angela Newman, Brendan and Amy for production help, and of course Terry and the whole Old Crow family for helping out down to the wire. Next installment coming December 4th 2010, part of the Oakland Art Murmur at Old Crow.

Series of Work from My First Year in San Francisco: The Altar of Future Antiquity

I just posted a new page/ body of work that I created in 06′-07′.  Here are a couple of photos you will see on the page.


Neo Cave Painting, Printing on Found Rail Road Plates from West Oakland, 2006


Scrolls for the Altar made from rolls of basic brown paper towel rolls soaked in orange sumi ink and printed on a wall paper screen printing rig. A very important part of the installation spilling out of an old found metal Dewalt drill box.